Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jaw Hits Table

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Corsi Staub, an author originally from the Western New York area. She was at one of our schools to talk to the students about writing mysteries and where she draws inspirations. She also revealed that she ghost wrote one of the Fear Street books and I was like "get out, that is sooooo cool." Then, she casually said, and I quote, "I also wrote one of the Sweet Valley High books."

So the room of fourth graders is like dootie do cause you know they are like "WTF is that." Well not ME! I'm sitting in the back of the room, next to Wendy's husband, sister and son, and I'm like "HUH? HUH? GET OUT OF MY TOWN" in this whisper yell because I'm just outraged. Francine Pascal didn't write that shit??? WTF? I've been duped! So after the presentation I tell her "OMG I can't believe you wrote one of those" and she said "Oh yes that was years ago," and she was super nice about it. I'm still just in total shock. So I asked her "what about Francine?" and she said, "oh those are all written by ghost writers."

WTF dude, WTF?????? Now I've turned to Wikipedia to get to the bottom of this and find out if any of the books I read growing up were actually written by the "said" author. As I would say - using my Nancy Drew skills. And by the by, Nancy Drew, written by Carolyn Keane? Nope, ghostwritten.

If I find out Judy Blume is just some hack, I'm going postal.

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That's so cool. I loved those books and I have no shame :)