Friday, April 17, 2009

I Guess I'm NOT the Biggest Fan

This morning I went to the McDonald's Drive Thru for a delicious Iced Mocha. Delicious! There was kind of a back up at the ordering area, I was the third car in line. So I just rolled down the window and waited. Here is where it gets good.

The woman in front of me started off her order with "Can I just have" and I didn't hear a bunch of the stuff after that until I heard "10 hash browns."

Me: "HUH?"

Now I love a good hash brown. But 10?


So like I said, I didn't catch the entire order, but I heard the total. $39. Thirty nine dollars! At the drive thru for breakfast? WTF did she order (besides the 10 hash browns?) That doesn't sound like a 'just' order to me - a 'just' order would be "just a coffee" or "just a mocha."

Well let me tell you something. Seven minutes later, I didn't give a shit what she ordered, I was just like get me my effing iced mocha bitches! I sat there and sat there. Her order was so big they gave her FOUR seperate bags and she had to actually sign the credit card slip, which you normally don't do at like McDonalds or Hortons and stuff. Nope, hers was so big, required a signature. And it took for fucking EVER!

Secretly I was jealous, because man, driving around wtih a big ol' bag of hash browns has got to be fun. But openly, I was pissed off cause I was late to work. The best part was that when I got to the window and handed the guy my card he was all rushed and practically threw my card and receipt back to me while handing me the Mocha. Oh like I'M supposed to rush now? I just sat my sweet ass in the drive thru lane for 10 full minutes and all of a sudden you are going fast? Pshhhh!

Moral? I learn something new each day. I'm not the biggest McDonalds hash brown fan there is!

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