Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Biggest Losers. Seriously - Losers

OK OK, so I'm addicted to the Biggest Loser, I'll admit it. But could they have recruited a bigger bunch of babies than they recruited this season? Each week the people are crying their eyes out over this, that, the other thing. I gained a pound, wah wah wah, I lost 5 lbs, wail wail wail, I can't believe I lost 80 lbs, I'm going to start sobbing like a little bitch with a skinned knee. And it's not the woman. Oh, no my friend, it's the MEN! Prompting my friend to write to me this morning with "Ok, enough of the crying guys on that show...It's getting painful to watch."

I couldn't agree more, except I thought it was painful four weeks ago when that whole "PRIDE ON 3" BS started up. WTF? Do they know how stupid they look?

Do you think Dan has any clue that he's the biggest wanker this side of the International Dateline (AKA the entire world)???

Do the American viewers know that him standing next to Allison (the hostess) was probably the closest he's ever gotten to a human breast?

Does anyone else see the resemblance to Chris Griffin from Family Guy?

And Mark, what a GD Baby! Seriously, I'm surprised his brother didn't bring along a pack of Pampers for that hairy backed Mary. I don't think he can do a workout, fill his water bottle, take a walk or make a phone call without busting out in tears. Buck up dude. Did you lose your balls when you lost the 100 lbs? Or is your wife carrying them in her purse????

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Jessica said...

I'd have to say the highlight for me was when Mark called his wife from Australia and she was like, "Oh no, are you crying again?"