Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's with her?

Not much going on today, but I was watching CNN before and thinking "what in the hell is with that Ann Coulter?" Every time that harpie opens her mouth, mine falls to the table in disbelief of what she says. Someone please tell me - what's up with her??? What exactly does she want, besides Ronald Reagan back in office?

In other news - the U2 3D movie is now open across the country. Except here, when it opens February 22 at the Regal Transit Imax. I will be there on the 22nd with bells on. Don't know about U2 in 3D you say? Why click here for more information! I am wondering if the 3D glasses they give you are going to resemble Bono's Fly Shades from the ZooTV tour. A girl can dream can't she?

Lost is on tonight - very exciting. And Survivor, which at least fills 30 minutes before Lost starts.

Oh Oh - very exciting - Jane Fond dropped the C-Bomb on the Today Show. I'm sad to say I didn't see Meredith Viera's reaction, but I bet it was quite a delight to watch once the camera's stopped rolling. Meredith came on a half hour later to apologize to viewers for the offensive word. I bet Matt Lauer is PISSED that he had off today for his laryngitis. That's like the time I was on vacation and I came back and they had shit canned one of the VPs. Boy was I mad to have missed it. I got over it once I got a bigger office out of the deal though.


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