Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dumbest. Women. Ever

So I was listening to the radio this morning. A station I don't normally listen to, but one that I flicked on cause I was flipping through. I won't say the station, nor will I say the DJs names, but here is a clue. There are three people on this station's morning show, two boys and one girl. The girl has been on a LOOOONG time. The boys, not so long, but long enough. One boy left and then came back after a one year absense. That boy is OK. The one boy is the biggest idiot you'd ever meet and he acts like he's the second coming of Christ when you are out at an event and he's "DJing." Anyway, here is how their conversation went.

Girl on Radio: "Has Barack chosen his running mate?"
Me: "No you effing jackass because the primaries aren't over, so unless Hillary drops out he can't choose a running mate yet. You are a member of the "media," shouldn't you know this?" (This is in my head of course.)
Guy on Radio: "Um, no, not yet."
Girl on Radio: "Oh, I just think it would be so cool if he chose Oprah and then she'd be the vice president, she'd do such a great job."
Me: (In head again.) "OMG did that effing idiot just say what I think she said?"
Guy on Radio: "Um, yeah, OK."

At this point it gets fuzzy because I was so flabbergasted thinking "that woman neesd to have her arms ripped off and to be beaten wtih the bloody stumps because she is so god-damned stupid."

How in the name of God's green earth would someone deduce that Oprah's years on Television have made her qualified her to be the 2nd in Command of the COUNTRY??? Now if this asshole had said "Oh, it would be cool for Oprah to run for Mayor" I'd be like Yeah, go nutz, run for Mayor, run Chicago. Or even Governor, which is a stretch. But VP? WTF dude, VP? When will people get out of Oprah's ass?

I'm supposing if Oprah would be a great VP, then Geraldo Rivera would do a bang up job as Secretary of State. And Sally Jessy - she seems smart, let's make her Secretary of Education. And I know Alec Baldwin is good at fighting, maybe he can be the US Attorney General. Forget experience and credentials - it's all about STAR POWER!

My point is this. If you are in the media, think before you open your mouth. Have some facts to back up your stupid ass thoughts before they come out.....

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