Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Poor Neglected Blog

Oh how I've ignored Dude, WTF for so long. But she was never far from my heart, as daily I find myself uttering "WTF" or screaming out "Dude," - or just starting a sentance with "Dude man, get this." It's all good. I guess I didn't have anything good to say for the last few months. Or maybe I just didn't have time with the wedding planning and the job and stuff. Not saying I don't have PLENTY to do right now, but I'm doing a little thing called "Lunch at the Desk." You know it people - at least you people who get a half hour, like me. But get this - there is a cafeteria in my building, so I get to buy lunch for only $3.50. What a deal! Today I got grilled cheese, tomato soup and fries, plus a cookie and a delicious Snapple. I didn't eat the soup, I was expecting it to taste like hot V8, instead it tasted like tomatoes. Disgust....The grill cheese though. OhMammy, they must use butter here. Lots of butter! On accounta I'm used to making grilled cheese at my parent's house, I always used that fake margarine stuff, like "I can't believe It's Not Butter," or whatever other crap was on sale. Let me say, butter is GOOD shit....

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this feel free to comment and tell me exactly what you'd like me to talk about. Alias is no longer on the air, so I can't write about how that show sucks open ass. I can talk about how The Amazing Race just makes me want to kick in the TeeVee screen because the people on it are so freaking stupid. Or I can talk about Survivor and how this season is so boring I barely stay awake til 9. Oh Oh, I know what I can talk about! We have the DVR and each day the little DVR tapes Melrose Place reruns for me. OhJoy, I can't say enough good things about DVR or Melrose. If you are thinking about getting the DVR or TiVo, just do it! And make sure you get the Soap Network, cause then I'll come over and watch Melrose and 90210 with you! But they just started the reruns of 90210 over again from the beginning and let me say, Shannon Dougherty in 1991 - WOOOF. I don't know what Dylan McKay was thinking, and I'm still wondering how Donna Martin got in the cool crowd. Yeah she's rich, but everyone at the school was, except Brenda and Brandon. That didn't stop Brando from driving a Mustang for 9 seasons. But I digress.

Donna Martin Graduates.

Allan - OUT.


Angi said...

yeah, ok, I want to hear all the details on your recent nuptuals!! Soooo, let's here it! and where are the pictures????? huh missy???

Anonymous said...

You negelcted to mention The Biggest Loser, or as we all secretly like to call it, Fat Fucks Strike Back. Speaking of which, I'm surprised at your lunch choices from the cafeteria. Don't you remember Bob lamenting at the lack of vegetable choices? Tomato Soup - good. Grilled cheese with tons-o-buttah - bad. I must say, you have disappointed the porkers.


Anonymous said...

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