Friday, September 29, 2006


So someone commented the other day on the Exercise Sandals pointing out why they were called Exercise Sandals, while I insist they just be called Torture Sandals, because they are made of wood with that thin little leather strap and come on, you have to do a lot of work to walk in those. Turns out that is why they are Exercise Sandals, cause your legs have to work while wearing them. Well WTF?? Bring those back! Why would I go to the gym when I can just torture myself all day by wearing the Exercise Sandals and save myself an hour each morning.

A few side notes. The person who left the comment was anonymous, so I don't know who it is, but I would love to ask them "how the eff did you know that??" Or does everyone know Dr. Scholl's secrets but me?

In other news - does anyone else think that Parvati from Survivor is a big old ho? I do....I have her name in the work pool and I'd be happy to see that tramp get voted out just because she needs to get taken down a peg or two....



Anonymous said...

I am the person who commented on the exercise sandals, and was very glad to see you are talking about them again.

I am a guy who has always thought they were one of the sexiest shoes a woman could wear, first off the sound they make, with the clomping of the shoe hitting the floor, and then the sound of the shoe slapping the heel was sexy in itself.

But then, the contour of the shoe, and the way it seemed to perfectly fit the contour of the foot was also very sexy.

I always believed that you could take an otherwise ordinary-looking woman, and turn her into a sexy bombshell simply by her wearing them.

Another company called "Berkemann" makes a similar shoe in a unisex model ( of which I own a pair ) that has no heel. ( Flat all the way across the bottom )

Any way, there are several Yahoo groups on the Internet devoted to Dr. Scholls, and some Internet pages, one of which is called "Scholl Shrine," although that one has lots of dead links.

Well anyway, that is how I found your blog, as I'm always searching for new people commenting on them.

My favorite memories from childhood are going to the mall, and on occasion you would see a mom, with 2 or 3 daughters all wearing them!

Man, those were the days!

And now I'm sure I've answered your question of why I know so much about them.

By coincidence, I'm also from your home state, although on the other side. ( Albany )

Some other interesting tidbits, the inventor of the shoe, Dr. William Scholl, invented them in 1961, although their popularity peaked much later.

The good Doctor unfortunately died in 1968, although his nephew William helped to popularize them, and carry on his legacy.

I'll say goodbye by leaving you and your readers some links of original Dr. Scholl ads.

1) Ad #1

2) Ad #2

3) Ad #3

4) Ad #4

Take care,
Bill from Albany, NY

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Bill. For me seeing a lady wearing a pair of Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals is very sexy. I too love the clumping and flapping sound they make when a lady walks. I like to add a lady should keep her toenails up and polished as this wlll get her more attention when wearing a pair. The ultimate combination that makes me weak is seeing a lady wearing a flowing skirt or sundress and a pair of Dr.Scholl's exercise sandals.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, before the Internet, I thought like I was the only one who felt this way, then 10 years ago I came online and find out there are entire web sites and Internet groups devoted to fans of the exercise sandals.

I wish women weren't so fashion conscious, and would wear them anyway, even if they are not "in" right now. They go with practically any outfit, especially skirts and dresases like Al said, but also jeans and slacks as well.

I guess there was a brief resurgance of them a few years back, when that shoe-loving gal wore them on "Sex And The City," and also some models were sent down the fashion runway wearing them which caused them to become popular again, but only for a short while.

I'm hearing that when the young teenage girls wear them now, they are always getting positive feedback on them, such as "I used to wear those same shoes, back when I was your age!" Stuff like that.

Also, I found a forum where a man and his wife both wore the Berkemann unisex exercise sandals to a barbecue, and they both received many positive feedback from the guests, about how they were both wearing the same sandals, and how great they looked.

Bill ( Albany, NY )

Anonymous said...

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