Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Patience People!

Boy, my readers sure are fickle. I ask and ask for them to post comments and they ignore me. Then I go on vacation for a week and don't post and THEN the comments start flowing in. Post already, Post already. People, please, give me a chance to explain. I did post yesterday. I posted a definition for the Urban Dictionary that I laughed my ass off over. But guess what I did? I posted it to the WRONG blog. I accidentally put it on a blog that I use for work, and I swore on the posting no less. Then, host of hosts, our internet connection went down. I nearly shit my pants worrying that someone would view it and report me. Luckily I called P at home and had him remove the post.

But here it is for those who care. I peed my pants over this.

Urban Dictionary - Gooze

So Vegas was good fun, even though it was Africa Hot. I came home with no tan, and I was out in the sun one day and came back in that day with a mustache. I have no idea what happen, if the tanning oil did or didn't get on the area above my lip, but sometimes when I glance in the mirror it seriously looks like I have a stache. I hope this fades soon, I hate seeing it and makeup won't cover it. And no, I can't wax it, the hair is blonde, no sense in going through the pain if it won't do anything.

But if anyone calls me Sanchez, I'll kill you.

How about a big shout out to DMC for celebrating his big 19th birthday yesterday? I called him to say Happy Birthday. Twice. I didn't hear MY phone ringing with a return call though. Typical!



JB said...

Great post, Pepe!

P said...

I'd post something about you trying to fill the void now that Dot's gone, but that would cause trouble.

Sanchez, Dirty said...

We're not fickle, we just looooove you that much. =

david said...

ahhhh, i called you back when i was at work and left a message on your machine! i'll have to call you again, now that i'm done with that shit hole cell bio class...i'll have much more time for my lori v.

k miss you!


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