Friday, October 14, 2005

Ronald & You!

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Well McDonald's has certainly pissed me off this week.

I used to enjoy going there for a delicious cup of Small coffee, which totals only $1.07, which is very cheap compared to Tim Horton's, where they rake you over the coals for the small (it's $1.27 at the Harlem/Clinton store!) Anyway, McDonalds recently delighted me when they put up a sign that said "We'll Mix It For You." Delightful! They'll MIX my coffee for me, so I don't have to wait until work to start drinking. I remember one time I said to them "can you mix it?" and the worker told me "we aren't allowed." I have heard of some odd statements, but "we aren't allowed?" Why, OSHA standards??? You people dip things in hot grease all day and you can't pour a creamer into coffee? I digress. They are going to do it for me now. Yeah!

I pull into the drive-thru on Wednesday, maneuver my way around the semi-truck which is delivering an order in the middle of the drive-thru lane, and place my order excitedly. Small coffee, two creams. The man says "small coffee with cream?" I say "Yes!"

I drive around, and hand him $1.07 made up entirely of quarters, dimes and pennies. It's a tight week people.

I pull to the second window. Chipper (as I call her) opens the window and is holding my small coffee. Sitting on TOP of my coffee are three creamers. She hands it out the window to me along with the little shitty stirer and I sit there like "uhh....uhhh, I thought you mix it."

"You have to ask," says Chipper.

Well what the fuck are you talking about I have to ask? There is a big M-EFFIN sign up right by the drive thru that says "We Mix It For You." If there was a sign that says "Made Fresh Daily," do I have to request that they make my salad fresh, or risk getting one they made four days ago. WTF I say - WTF!!!!

It doesn't end there. My friend Kelly Snyder informs me she got a coffee there last week and ordered creamer and they said "would you like it mixed?" and she said "Why yes!" She got to her destination and sat down to a nice cup of BLACK COFFEE.

Now I'm not as mad at them as I am at Starbucks, cause it's not like they charge me four bucks for the coffee, but come on people - how hard is it to put creamer in a cup and pour coffee over it? I don't even ask for sugar!!!!!

In other news - I missed almost all of my TeeVee shows this week, with the exception of Lost. No Vegas. No Desperate Housewives. No Survivor. No Alias. And only half of the Amazing Race - the later half, so I could see the Aiello Family go home and cry because I was stuck with that effin Gaghan family for another week. Those kids need to get kicked and I'm just the girl to do it.

That's it for today everyone. If any restaurants pissed you off recently, let me know!


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Zanla said...

Nope, sorry I actually got good service. I went to a Chinese restuarant in Germany (with a German menu) and ordered Thai food without speaking the same language as the waitress. Good times without one mistake. Of course, having worked at McD a long time ago, I tend to avoid the place.

Kev said...

I must say that my co-worker and I saw the same thing when we stopped there for a coffee (I was with him). We saw the sign saying "We'll mix it for you!". So he ordered a large w/2 creams. Well when we got back to the office, his creams were inside the bag (along with his breakfast) just waiting for someone to insert them into the coffee. He was a little pissed and we were both a little puzzled over their definition on "mixing".

They could at least have something on the sign stating you have to ask them to mix it!


K said...

GO TO TIM HORTONS!!! Their coffee has crack in it or something cause it's the best!!! And they mix it for you without asking!

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