Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Poor Sienna and Poor Jude

Well well well, it seems our favorite lovebirds, Jude Law and Sienna Miller, are tabloid fodder yet again. This time, sources say that the couple have decided to call it quits. See article here.

I do believe my favorite quote in the article to be

'Adds a snitch to the London Daily Mail, "Jude is devastated and depressed; he is not in a good state right now."'

Well maybe Jude should have thought of that before his penis traveled into the nether regions of his former nanny. Is anyone else with me when I say "I don't feel sorry for him." He made his bed and he should lie in it.

I do think this quote is kinda funny

"According to the paper, Law is currently holed up in "a secret location in Europe" (the News of the World pinpoints his position to southern Spain)"

What is he, the freaking Taliban? He ain't Osama Bid Ladin people - we don't need to "pinpoint his position."

Can I just say bitch please....


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