Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

Just sing that title to the tune of Monday, Monday and you'll understand where I'm coming from. I have to say that if I was ever thinking of writing a song about a day, it would be about Friday. Friday is just full of promise. You have the whole weekend stretched out in front of you, and every other Friday, my work presents me with a check in exchange for the "work" I've done in the previous two weeks. Plus, there is Friday Fish Fry, which is also fun and delcious. Yes, I think it is safe to say I would be able to write a song about Friday fairly easily.

So the TV season is in full swing, and my friend Rob (Bob) said that he has a grid to keep track of his TV watching and I laughed my ass off until I realized that I too need a grid or some sort of Excel spreadsheet to keep track. I also need to purchase some blank tapes as I'm too poor for TiVo. First and foremost, they have moved Alias to Thursday nights against Survivor. While Survivor does piss me off, I have to watch it since it's the program of choice in my house, and cause I have money riding on it. And whle I love Alias, I am very upset about their choice to off Vaughn from the show, so I'll be showing my non-support by setting the VCR each week. I hope their ratings go in the toilet and the ad prices go down for them and they realize how damned stupid they are being. STUPID!

Next up, we have the Amazing Race and Nip/Tuck. Tonight's Amazing Race is going to be on from 9-11 p.m. - but I have a meeting this evening, so I said I would tape it. But oh, no, Nip/Tuck is on at 10 p.m. What am I going to do, my VCR is already taken up! What if I get home at like 10:15 and I miss the beginning, you can't miss the beginning, I mean, it's not like the episodes are the same each week. You just don't know who is going to sleeping with who and who is going to be fathering someone's child, it could be status quo one week and all up in the air the next. What is a girl to do?

Also, I've been watching Vegas this season, which runs at 9 p.m., just after Kitchen Confidential is on. Now you might ask why I'm watching some cheddar new show on Fox, but Bradley Cooper of Alias (and Wedding Crasher) fame is on it. So I'm giving it a whirl. Now it wasn't laugh out loud funny, but I thought it would do in a pinch. However, if one night of TV must go, it would be Monday. I'm not commited to Vegas like I'm commited to Lost, which is just confusing me more and more as the episodes fly by. What happened to the freaking raft for crying out loud?!?!

So there you have it folks - my problems in a nutshell. I don't know how I'm going to deal with all this TV confusion. Maybe they have a support group for people like me, but it would have to meet on Friday or Saturday when I don't have any TV to watch. Cause Sunday is Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy night.

And does anyone else thing that Ty Pennington from that Amazing House Makever bullshit show is just so full of shit? I love how he forces to squeak out a few tears each episode, like he really gives two shakes of a stick. And I swear to god, him and his "secret special" room need to get out of the closet right now and admit they are in love with the lighting specialist.

Vallon - OUT


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