Friday, September 30, 2005

Let's Get Some Things Straight

I think I might have to clear some things up because my post of two days ago might have gotten misconstrued.

I'm not gonna lie - I like watching the TV. I like to turn on the MTV and see a nice episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, but I think I like that so I can say "hey Jane, check out this bitch," and then we can talk about how the little hussies who are 15 going on 16 are just a bunch of shallow, self-involved, arrogant hos. I also like to watch Reality Shows with former Reality Stars, like that show Bravo was running that had the former Real Worlders doing physical challenges. There were other reality TV "stars" but I didn't know most of them, except Evan Marriot, because come on people, don't be acting like you didn't watch the finale of Joe Millionaire. I tihnk over 50 million people did and I was one of 'em!

ANYWAY, while I do like to watch the TV, I don't organize my day around it. Like last night I had a meeting so I missed Survivor. I did manage to watch Alias while I was ripping my split club tickets, but I didn't hear all of it cause they were like whispering. I did however see Vaughn get all freaking shot up (more on that later). But my point is this - I CAN miss a TV show and still function, it's just that if I'm home I like to watch it. What else am I going to do, play computer games? HAHA - just kidding. I guess I could read, but I started a book a few weeks back and I'm just not into it. And I still can't get back into that Harold Potter book, why did that JK Rowling have to make them so damned long? She did it on purpose I tell you. She made the first one nice and short to get us hooked, then she started making them longer and longer, now you have to read through 100 pages before Harry even leaves the Dursleys, and by page 200 he's still chilling like a MoFo waiting to head off to school. That new book came out (something about a prince) and I was like "Yeah, not buying that shit..." I haven't got time to read about how he's pissed off about not being a Prefect or not getting any booty at Hogwarts. Tough times abound all over Harry!

In any case, I want to clear up that I don't arrange myself around my TV; if I see it, I see it, if I can't, I try to tape it (or make a frantic call to my cousin to tape it for me) but if I miss it (like last night), it's all good. I think my previous post lead people to believe that I was watching TV 24/7 or something. But I don't - I miss some shows. And I'll survive...somehow. Which is more than I can say for Brianna - who I hear got voted out on Survivor last night. Sorry Paul - best wishes to your remaining team member, and so much for that flying under the radar plan you had!

My next post will deal with the death of Michael Vaughn and my unhappiness with Alias's producers, directors, writers and all those who work, associate or provide goods or services to the American Broadcasting System. They are lucky I'm dying to figure out what's going on in that hatch on Lost, or else I'd start my boycott, similar to the Survivor boycott of '02 and '03. It wasn't pretty folks (no water cooler talk for a whole year!)

Ciao people - and if you are free on Sunday, come on out to the Ironworker's Hall for Tricia's benefit - it's 1-6 and tickets are 20 bucks each. You know you want the beer and pizza! And if you aren't free just give me twenty bucks for the cause! You can afford it!


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K said...

Lori! I love watching the "my sweet 16" show!!! I can't beleive the attitude of these girl and keep asking myself, what in the world to these parents do to let there teenagers run rapid around the country to make the party a night to remember. Give me a break!