Friday, May 24, 2013


We have a family graduation party tomorrow at 3, and my mom works til 2:30, so she can't make her legendary potato salad.  She broke the news to us last week when we were driving to the casino.  My cousin Kathy broke down in tears. OK maybe not, but she did say something along the lines of "forget it, I'm not going."  Now we had a similar incident when there was no lasagna for Easter.  I made homemade mac & cheese instead, and it was almost anarchy. I would like to avoid that again, so I chime in with "Hey, I can make it!"

Mom's response?

"Yeah, you can make it."

Momentary pause.

"It won't be as good of course."


Just like that, she lets you  know what she thinks of you and your cooking abilities.

I had her tell me her trade secrets, and when I suggested I would use Onion Onion instead of diced onions she responded "yeah, you could do that," quickly following it up with "won't be as good."

That Janice.

What a pisser.

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