Friday, May 28, 2010

Financial Kitten

My kitty was up on the dining room table the other day. Now frequent readers of my blog might now that this is a BIG event. Caramel is a corpulent kitty, so her getting on the couch or the coffee table takes effort. I have NO clue how she got on the dining room table. But on the dining room table, you'll find two huge binders of PRSA "finance-y" stuff, cause I'm the treasurer. The computer desk isn't big enough to house the binders, so they are on the Dining Room table almost permanently, unless we have people over. Paul sent me the picture below, taken when he got home from work on Thursday. He let me know that Caramel was taking care of the PRSA books. To that I said "Amen" because the checking account needs balancing. God Bless my Financial Kitten!

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