Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you my faithful readers!

All 12 of you!

Here we are - 2009 - one more year until the 5 year anniversary of Dude, WTF. Wait until that wonderful day, Oh how we will celebrate. We will look back on how things have changed. Jobs, living arrangements, family members, Larry Mullen, Jr.'s hairstyle. My hope for the next tour? Larry lays off the dippety do - that 2005 Slicked Back (Greasy Ass) look has to go.

One thing that will certainly change this year - my tour attendance. Oh sweet yesteryears when I used to throw around the money traveling to strange cities in my quest to meet The Big Man (Bono.) Now, in light of the current economic climate, high Cheektowaga taxes and the need for the kids to eat and wear clothes that fit, Bono will have to come to me! And I'm not doing any of that GA bull - I'm too old for that shit. I'll be sitting with the richie "semi-fans" in the 100 section where tickets are 150 bucks and the person to your right (or left - depends on what side you are on) says they are a "huge" fan and have been since the 80s, yet only knows the lyrics to two songs (With or Without You and One), and says "I hope they play some old school stuff," meaning "they better play Pride because I don't know any of the songs from Zooropa, Pop, ATYCLB and HTDAAB." Owell - at least I can ask them to grab me some nachos when they go to the snack bar for "BEEEEEEER!" cause you know those type of people 1. Looove the Beer 2. Couldn't go to a concert without getting a BEEEEEER and 3. Don't mind missing songs because they aren't really fans ("shut up Lor, I'm a "huge" fan! Yes, yes, I know you know the name of the singer and one guitar player, but a "huge" fan that does not make.) I apologize if you are reading this and that is the type of fan you are. It's OK - we can't all be freaks like me, spending money on every single that comes out, buying the single again in Import cause it has a different cover, buying every version of every album, and thinking "should I buy a record player?" cause the new album is available in vinyl. Some people can't do that because they have to support other artists, like Madonna, because she needs to have a successful tour to fix her gap tooth and to pay for her 7 yoga sessions per day in order to maintain her rock hard abs, toned shoulders and grandma underarms (swing swing). Much like Christina Crawford, I understand! UNDERSTAND (If you have seen Mommy Dearest, you'll get this. If not, what the eff are you waiting for, that's some good shit, go rent it.)

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