Thursday, November 01, 2007


So my friend just bought one of those Crysler Pacifica's which I thought was a mini-van, but it is not, it's different. And apparantly it's all souped up with some nice features, as indicated by the email that I got from her and laughed my ass off over...Note the BOLD sections which I love.

"The Pacifica is a cross-over vehicle…half car/half SUV, but lower to the ground. Still sits 6 people, but in 3 rows of 2 seats. It's pretty loaded and high tech. It has a memory setting for two drivers so that when I press button #1, all my settings (including my radio) tunes to my preferences and when B presses #2 (which is the right order I might add) all his long-legged settings and boring radio stations play."

She is right, he listes to NPR and all puts Podcasts of the boring radio stations on his IPOD and I have no idea why. But I suspect it's to get himself to sleep at night....

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